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Advanced Hand & Wrist Cadaveric Dissection Course

16th - 17th September 2024

Registration is open


Aimed at senior trainees and consultants in Plastics and Orthopaedics.

Faculty : participant ratio is 1:2 with practical sessions using fresh frozen upper limbs. You will have the opportunity to perform all the operations yourselves with faculty guidance. Places are limited to 20 and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Course fee: £1,250

This includes the course dinner, lunch and refreshments.

Hand surgery dissection course london
About the event
Advanced Hand & Wrist Course

Topics to be covered:

Nerve Decompression: ulnar, median/AIN, radial/PIN 

AIN to ulnar nerve transfer
Tendon transfers for median, ulnar and radial nerve palsy

Approaches to the wrist
Scaphoid fixation, bone grafting
Scapholunate ligament reconstruction
Proximal Row Carpectomy, scaphoidectomy 4 corner fusion

MCPJ realignment and replacement (silicone)
Correction of swan neck and Boutonnière deformities

IPJ fusions (CCS) and arthroplasty (Capflex PIP, hemihamate)
Extensor tendon reconstruction and transfers

Trapeziectomy, 1st CMCJ arthroplasty (Maia)
Upper limb flap reconstruction

hand surgery dissection course london

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